lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012

London´s mix

Tengo tantas fotos de Londres y tantas cosas que me gustaría enseñaros, que he pensado hacer una especie de mezclaítos con un poco de todo para mostraros detalles y lugares de Londres. Hoy va la primera entrega, a ver que os parece!

Un besote!!!

British Library

In one street next to Picadilly Circus.

The window of Zara during the Jubilee

Camden from the bus


With my vintage outfit in Bricklane

Mojito`s time

Spanish tapas in the supermarket. Very expensive, I know!

Pink limousine

Old Spitafields Market

Old Spitafields Market

Lovely balloons

Carnaby Street (it is a lovely and quiet street, full of shops, between Oxford Circus and Picadilly)

Carnaby Street

Party in the disco Picadilly Institute

Eating at Russel Square

I have too many pictures of London and I would like to show you all of them...So, to resolve this problem I'm going to do several post with pictures of different things and places that I love of London. Let me know, what do you think?



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walaa qcaras las tapas!